Already in April of this year, the first doses of the new Lifestyle & Powerdrink were delivered by VITANA X, still without name and branding, in nude silver 250 ml cans. Thus, the very first tasting took place directly during the VITANA X Board Meeting in Dubai, only once in the small circle of the VITANA X Co Founder, the product developer and the entire marketing team.

"Marketing expert and VITANA X Board Member Hannes Sommer from Austria judged the first impression. "In terms of taste, you can't compare it with anything that is already on the market. Similar to the big brands, a complete taste of their own was created here. Only with REVIVAL by VITANA X we are talking about a quality product for fitness, well-being and health".

First "blind testing" promising

In another, internally organized trial, a so-called. "Blind Testing" - where none of the test persons knows which of the products included in the comparison test is being consumed - the first bottlings from REVIVAL were clearly convincing in terms of taste. The direct competitors, ie similar products and brands already on the market, were clearly ranked behind according to test persons.

REVIVAL's message is a clear declaration of war on an unmanageable market that is flooded with countless energy and sports drinks - and obviously has little to do with health and real fitness. "It's about time we delivered something in the lifestyle segment that we know today thanks to new research and great technology," says Bernhard Sammer, assessing the market situation. The Swiss is an experienced fighter and strength athlete and has recently been able to achieve great media resonance with his "DNA Body Transformers" brand. At VITANA X he is, among other things, co-developer and idea giver of many products, as in this case also at REVIVAL: "REVIVAL will undoubtedly reach many people. Namely all those who value high-quality ingredients and a corresponding effect, but do not want to do without good taste."

REVIVAL will be available in three different varieties and flavors from the autumn on the German market.

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