Also in the area of dental hygiene, VITANA X treads new ground. A highly innovative concept based on the smallest diamond particles in combination with a very special natural mixture, blended as a toothpaste, is traded as a true miracle cure even before its appearance.

As a completely new and specially tailored 3-fold granules, this diamond toothpaste is a true all-rounder: cleaning, polishing and sealing. And all in the absolute master class, just as the dentist could not do better and so that already specialists from the field of dental hygiene ask how the VITANA X product users were able to achieve these radiant results. And all this in a short time, at this price and with this simple method.

At the official occasion of the first internal shareholder meeting for entrepreneurs and strategic partners, VITANA X product researcher Franz Bonner (A) spoke on the subject in front of the camera:

"Enriching toothpaste with diamonds is a new, very innovative and sensible trend," explains Bonner. "We go a step further and perfect this principle. The proportion, that is: The density of the fine diamond particles is higher or better structured with us, which gives even better results. And the product itself is invariable of natural origin, enriched with valuable oils, tastes good and can even be eaten by children. We are setting a very clear trend here with VITANA X. Back to nature, whether its diamonds or valuable, untreated vegetable oils. The effect of this combination is simply amazing."

After 14 days, users report less or no sensitivity to pain with hot or cold foods and drinks. And already after the first application one feels according to statements of the test persons that the surface of the teeth is clearly smoother. "We are talking about an absolute quality product. Components, manufacture and application create a wondrous symbiosis and amaze the customer after a few days. "

White smile for everyone!

Of course, the product novelty of VITANA X also contributes to a white smile. Up to 4 nuances make the teeth brighter: "The brilliant white smile that is so popular today is also included in the price - only that we do without aggressive methods that attack the enamel and weaken the tooth substance in the long term. Quite the opposite with VITANA X. The teeth are whiter and at the same time healthier and more resistant! "

VITANA X stands for the union of nature and science. The new Diamant dental hygiene product fulfills exactly this requirement. "Experience the difference not only visually, but whenever you stroke your teeth with your tongue! For most people this is a completely new and great feeling."

Shine in the dazzling white VITANA X laugh!

VITANA X Diamond Dental Hygiene available this autumn - news soon!

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